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REALA®, a brand of FGX, high quality food and with high nutritional value. A new experience to attend your most noble need - celebrating people, the planet and you.

Ready for eat, we want you to devote the necessary time that your feeding moment deserves!

We select the best ingredients from around the world to provide a delicious and tasty experience. We produce real food, with foods that came from nature, fresh, balancing the flavors and nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. No preservatives, no genetically modified products, no trans fats and no gluten.Oh, and yummy!

With low carb and high protein (Paleo), we are present in every meal of your day: Since at the breakfast, with natural fermentation breads and vegetal milks. At lunch and dinner with delicious foods and refreshing drinks. Crunchy snacks when the mid-day hungry appears. And, to the leisure time, a delicious bee or one of our special drinks post-physical repositories!


Logo Reala

Real, truly, Reala!

In its freer sense, real means authentic, reliable, genuine, true. Is the joint of many existing things, as wel as the relations that they mantain with each othe.In that same way Reala treat the relationship between food, and also, of people with the food.

We utilize the best techniques and gastronomic references to garantee more life quality, either by nousrishin the body from physiological needs or even oferring more leisure times and confraternization by the convenience of really healthy ready products.

Like our CEO Fábio Guimarães says, "They are the ingredients that my grandmother and your know what it is! Nothing with unpronounceable words or chemically created!"

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FGX focuses it is activities in the areas of education, technology, infrastructure, food and health and wellness, key areas for development of the world.

For generations, we have offered quality productsand services that promote knowledge, equal rights, quality living and protect the environment, so that nations can prosper.

In all of our businesses, we use the best practices and technologies that are available in the global market and we have partnerships with renowned organizations and institutions for the continuous improvement of our activities

Value people, respect the society and environment is part of our principles, commited to sustainable development, an indispensable condition for maintaining and expanding of our business. We strongly invest in social projects voluntarily, fulfilling our role of co-participation in society.

More competitive contry, better and more accomplished people.