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Questionmark Perception

Remote proctoring solution

Create once, schedule, and publish online examinations with integrity, for computers and mobile devices.

Content production

The top market value guaranteed

Development of multimedia content (text, image, audio, video, animation, and educational games) for Desktop and Mobile, in english, spanish, french and portuguese. The top experience for your Online Learning.

Future Classroom

A new learning experience

Technology rich and immersive content for students and teachers. It has never been this easy to learn.


FGX is always connected to cutting edge tecnology for education worldwide. Our specialists and visionaires are in constant contact with innovative technologies, teaching methods, and the building of new classroom experiences, wherever it may be (anytime anywhere).

We offer a complete solution: our experience ranges from the physical, brick and mortar school, to the online universe. If you endeavor for a change in classroom experience, we are the first in the world to create the Future Classroom. If you need Online Learning, we have over 10 years experience.

Our Future Classroom is not a brand new invention. We overhauled the learning experience. A multipurpose classroom, without front or back, equipped with cutting edge technology - including computers, tablets, intelligent lighting, automatic roll call, WIFI, 3D content, and a myriad of additional resources -, students and teachers can immerse themselves in the lesson.

For Online Learning, we have it all. Our experience and solutions include the best, world leading, LMS (Moodle, Docebo, Blackboard...), online proctoring solution, including recording of video and audio (Questionmark Perception and SoftwareSecure Remote Proctor Pro), and a Content-creation team, producing multimedia content (text, image, audio, video, animation and educational games) for Desktop and Mobile, in english, spanish, french and portuguese.

Adding up to 500 thousand customer contacts per year, our experience in managing complex Online Learning systems allow us to offer complete solutions for our clients, be it for a brand new Online Learning effort, or for already established operations with a desire for growth.

The best cost-benefit available guaranteed - covering any offer in the same conditions and quality.