Inspired by life

Who we are?

FGX focuses its activities in the areas of education, technology, infrastructure, consumables and health and wellness, key areas for development in Latin America.

More competitive countries, better and realized people.


For generations, we've offered quality products and services that promote knowledge, equal rights, quality living and protect the environment, so that nations can prosper.

Our values


  • People are always in first place
  • We believe that people must be healthy, happy and realized.


  • We try to always do the right thing at the right moment.
  • We act under the law.
  • We are honest and straight with each others.
  • We defend our values and principles in every activity.

Passion to win

  • We are determined to do what matters most.
  • We are constantly looking to improve and win in the market.


  • We respect our colleagues, partners and consumers, and we try them the same way we like to be treated.
  • We believe that people work better when there is a relationship based on trust.
  • We trust in the capabilities and intentions of others.

In all of our businesses, we use the best practices and technologies that are available in the global market and we have partnerships with renowned organizations and institutions for the continuous improvement of our activities.

Recognize other people's value, respect society and the environment are part of our pillars, commited to sustainable development, which is an essential condition for keeping and expanding our business. We strongly invest in social projects voluntarily, meeting our role as co-participants in society.



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