Products from around the world to offer you the best!

Organic Tea


We let nature talk for itself: hand picked organic premium teas are blended with real fruits, flowers, and spices.


Vineyards with the best fruits produce wines for every occasion: green, white, red, rose and sparkling. Not to mention the best bagaceira.

Olive Oil

Olive juice: exceptional olive oil, picked by those who appreciate its lightness, discrete aroma and fluidity. For delicate palates!

Mineral Water

Natural Sparkling Water: springs from the subsoil and contains about 1000 mg/l of dissolved solids and mineral salts, making it one of the richest waters in the world.


Whole sardines are frozen right after they are captured, preserving all of their nutrients. The fishing respects our planet and only happens in certain times of the year.


Our Restaurant

A pleasant way to share a little of our history is through our food, recipes that pass between generations.


FGX inspires well being for the mind and body through unique products. Since the beginning of our enterprise, we have worked with healthy products that feed people and care for our planet. In all of our initiatives, we strive to promote prosperity for the global community, bringing the purest, organic, and sustainable flavor in each and every one of our products.

Thus our work with global partners who share our ideas and practices. An ecosystem that not only cares for both you and the planet, but also for producers and the value of their work.

In Latin America, we offer a selection of products with superior quality: 100% organic teas, olive oil, natural sparkling water, ardines and wine.

You will find our products in the best supermarkets, grocery stores, delis and restaurants in those countries. You can also purchase them online, directly through our website GUIMART