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The state-of-the-art in dental care. Superior quality for special clients.

Dentist's Club

A club with real benefits for the best dentists in the country. Events, training, best prices on materials and equipment.


Our time are always connected to what is modern in dentistry. Our team is made of researchers, specialists, masters and doctors with international accolades and revolutionary researches, so that we may offer state-of-the-art dental care services for you and your family, right from the first tooth.


Dento, our dental care branch, was created as part of our founder's wish to bring quality of life to people across the country, with superior dental care, without the need for expensive treatments. To be part of Dento, a dentistry diploma is not sufficient: one must be among the world's best.


Modern and comfortable offices, where our team care for children to old age - with you throughout your life - to either prevent diseases or offer you a new smile.


We go beyond. The dream is bigger and the objective is to care for the need of the whole country - without ever failing in respect and quality with each patient. In a country where only 30% of the population have regular dental care, be it for financial reasons, fear or habit, the mission and challenges are not small. We work to enlighten of the health issues that may begin on the mouth.


Through the Dentist Club, associates possess unique benefits on the acquisition of equipment and materials with reduced pricing, lectures on new discoveries on dental care, events, training, and administrative consulting. If you are a dental care professional, see how you can be part of the Club. Don't miss out.